876 Terrace Bar & Grill: A Cut Above The Rest

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Out of the variety of options of bar and grills, restaurants, and chill spots available to those Jamaicans seeking a good time away from home, 876 Terrace Bar and Grill is an undeniable front-runner. Since opening in December of 2016, the bar and grill has undergone rapid growth and experienced an increase in popularity that continues to bring in crowds night after night. Built on versatility and a certain standard that ensures that it caters to all, 876 Terrace has attracted a clientele that ranges from the extremely wealthy, to the average everyday Jamaican. It was without question that the Nirvana team had to pay the bar and grill a visit, and, to say the least, the hype around it is well deserved.


Co-Owner Careem Mullings


Under the directive of its co-owners Careem and Cadeem Mullings, 876 Terrace offers an experience for those looking to unwind after a long day of work or those looking to party with good music, tasty food, and quality drinks. Even though 876 Terrace enjoys a reputation for both food and drinks, the initial concept was to create a bar on the terrace of Susie’s Bakery based on the co-owners experience in alcohol sale and consumption. The deviation from that original idea was worth it as having both the bar and grill has solidified 876 Terrace as a one-stop spot for all your night plans. Careem spoke to this: “when you come here you get a mixture; not necessarily of who is here, but the total vibe. If you want to relax – you can get that, if you want to party – you can get that. Overall, you can get anything here at the Terrace”.


Taurus Pizza Cone


The food at Terrace is worth the wait and the price. It is safe to say that the Taurus Pizza Cone is 876 Terrace’s signature dish and the ultimate thing that patrons must try. The pizza cone can only be found at 876 Terrace and is every cheese lover’s utopia. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, the pizza cone combines a myriad of flavors into a creative and unique experience. The Zook’s Juicy Lucy burger was beyond impressive and is, without a doubt, one of the most well seasoned and succulent burgers in the restaurant industry. It is easy to tell that flavor is a major key and component of the dishes offered at 876 Terrace. This is evident in the combination of tastes in one of the grills most popular dishes – the Louisiana Style Chicken Alfredo Pasta.


The Zook’s Juicy Lucy burger                                                                                  Louisiana Style Chicken Alfredo Pasta


Approaching the first anniversary of its opening, 876 Terrace has major growth and expansion plans to ensure that it becomes a staple in Jamaican nightlife. In addition to franchising in Jamaica, the western Caribbean, and even Europe, Careem explains that an acquisition of Susie’s Bakery is underway: “we plan to rebrand it 876 and bring it under the umbrella, and that’s scheduled for later this year”.


Patron being served a drink at the 876 Bar.


876 Terrace Bar and Grill, while new, offers a unique and above standard nightlife product that directly aligns it to become a major influencer in the Jamaican bar and grill sector. From its high calibre of food and drinks to its differently themed nights, this bar and grill is a cut far above the rest and a must-visit location for those at yaad and visiting from abroad.


Tel: (876) 305-1308


Instagram: @terracebarandgrill

Facebook: The Terrace Bar and Grill


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