Blue Ridge Ultimate Dining Experience

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The smell of fresh rosemary from their garden hits you as you exit your car and enter Blue Ridge Restaurant and Cottages. The restaurant offers international cuisine and is perched on top of a hill with the most amazing view of the Blue Mountains.


We were met by owners Chef Sarah Willers and Tabetha Phillips, who along with their team provide a unique epicurean escape.


Chef Sarah Willers was determined to take us on a dining adventure!Immediately we were told they were ready with our first dish, a carnival of flavor in the form of their Corn Chowder. The second dish was an appetizer, Bruschetta (tomato, basil, garlic, topped with balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil). Weve yet to find another that tastes like Blue Ridges. We will admit that their Bruschetta is by far the best weve had in Jamaica.



For our entreé, we had the mouthwatering Southwest Stuffed Chicken Breast (black beans, salsa, cheese) topped with a creamy Sriracha sauce with a side of homemade macaroni and cheese. We licked our lips and dug right in. Blue Ridge is known for its unique presentation of dishes with a variety of items from decorated trays to vintage records.


Something Sweet

Blue Ridge offers a wide range of desserts, their signature dessert is the Blue Hot Chocolatl (and that’s not a typo). Yes, you just read BLUE hot chocolate.  As rich in flavor as it is in color, this is just what you need to warm up in the cool hills of East Rural St. Andrew.


Blue Ridges Blue Hot Chocolate better look out for the new kid on the block, the Quetzal Chocolatl.We were among the first to try this hot chocolate inspired by the Mayans who were the first to use cocoa to make hot chocolate. The Quetzal Chocolatl has a hint of cayenne pepper and cinnamon, topped with whipped cream and dusted with Spanish paprika and cinnamon.



In keeping with the international cuisine, Blue Ridge also offers an Affogato.  This is an Italian dessert with layers of coffee rum liquor, coffee rum ice cream, coffee, topped with whipped cream and edible gold sprinkles.


To top off the afternoon, Tabetha made us two of her signature cocktails, the Rocky Blue Mojito and a glass of Sparkling Blue Champagne. Blue Ridge should definitely be on your list of places to dine.



Be sure to call for reservations and directions: 876-562-7580



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