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The first thing that struck me about Chronixx when he first entered the music scene back in 2012 was the purity of his voice. It was a welcome alternative for when I wasn’t in the mood for the rougher tones of dancehall artistes. His gentle yet powerful vocals first streamed across the airwaves on tracks such as the hit “Odd Ras” and now, with the release of his sophomore album Chronology, on songs such as the dancehall-infused “Likes.”  On his new project, Chronixx brings the satiny vocals I’ve grown to love over the groovy rhythms of the emerging genre of Reggae Soul.


Chronology is just that – a masterful chronology of both Chronixx’s life and the evolution of his sound. It opens with the more traditional reggae song “Spanish Town Rockin’” the story of Chronixx’s De La Vega upbringing and his appreciation and love for his Spanish Town roots. As the album progresses, we’re greeted with a refreshing mix of pop on songs such as “I Can,” melodies reminiscent of the soulful Erykah Badu on “Selassie Children” and as mentioned before, the dancehall-style “Likes” (which pairs well with Ding Dong’s new dance “Fling Yuh Shoulder”). Chronixx reminds us that he’s not afraid to take creative license with reggae music, and without too much deviation from the original art form. He first showcased his versatility with the 2015 EDM hit “Blaze Up The Fire” which was done in collaboration with international DJ trio Major Lazer. In a recent interview with Exclaim! Chronixx said of his new record, “I think this project is experimental in the sense of trying to look into where music is going — it’s not something futuristic, but timely.” His willingness to explore new territories with his music and the deep self-awareness of the genre and this project helps to solidify his place in the Reggae Revival, alongside other breakout stars like Protoje and Kabaka Pyramid.


Musings aside, this album is simply a joy to listen to and has something for everybody. It offers head bop-friendly songs for those summer road trips, as well as powerful reflections on today’s society as seen on “Black Is Beautiful.” Chronology is easy listening guided by the sweet and calming melodies of Chronixx. A must listen for the avid reggae fan and even those not well versed in the genre.


Chronology is now available to be purchased on iTunes.

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