Inspiring Women with Kerry Clarke

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Inspiring Women with Kerry Clarke

Nirvana’s Inspiring Women Series will be looking into the lives of a few of Jamaica’s most inspiring and empowering women. Women that are stylish, successful, impactful and fabulous, in their own right.

This week we’ll be speaking with the woman who graduated from the Parson’s School of Design with a Fashion Marketing degree, which she utilized as a stepping stone into fulfilling her passion for all things fashion. She then completed two years as a buyer for the Jamaican Guess franchise and an additional three years working with her parents. Not long after the Kerry manwomanhome concept store was created, and since its conception she has been curating a mixture of lifestyle items for the store that change every season. She also conceptualized Collection MoDa which is a platform to promote Caribbean talent. This inspiring woman is the passionate and driven Kerry Clarke.

Nirvana: Is there anything in life that motivates you?
Kerry: LIFE motivates me, I live passionately and am motivated chasing my ambitions and dreams. The practice of meditation also helps me to find balance in my life.

Nirvana: Who are the women that inspire you?
Kerry: One of the first women to inspire me during school was Dame Anita Roddick, the founder of the Body Shop, and throughout that period the amount of successful entrepreneurial women was little to none. This also highlights how the industry has shifted because presently, there are numerous women supporting, embracing and uplifting each other.

Nirvana: What is your personal mantra or quote to live by?
Kerry: I have many mantras that I live by. One of my absolute favorites is JUST DO IT! Another of my all time faves is also ‘If you can dream and imagine your goals in life, then you can achieve them”.

Nirvana: How important is it for women to be independent and self-sufficient?
Kerry: I believe it is very important for women to be independent and self-sufficient, with independence comes empowerment and upliftment.

Nirvana: Is it hard balancing your professional and personal life?
Kerry: No, it isn’t hard. I believe in balance in everything and balance can only be manifested once one makes a conscious effort to do so.

Nirvana: How have you dealt with negativity from other women?
Kerry: I am a positive thinker. If someone is negative, I try to find the positive within the situation and possibly provide a solution.

Nirvana: What is the most important message that you try to relay to young girls?
Kerry: Stay positive and focused and ensure to grab every opportunity because they only come around once.

Nirvana: What is the best life decision you’ve ever made?
Kerry: I love my life and I truly believe women are blessed with the gift of intuition, and once you listen to yourself and connect with that sixth sense, every decision you make will be the right one. I also believe in energy and connection and that positive thoughts bring positive reactions; which plays a big role in being present and mindful while connecting with the universe and what it has to offer. I think that all the decisions I’ve made in my life happened for a reason in the time it’s supposed to happen.

Nirvana: Would you say you are content with your life at the moment?
Kerry: Yes, my life is exactly how I want it to be because I am conscious to the decisions I make for my life.



Nirvana: If you could have given your younger self any advice, what would it be?
Kerry: Well since I’ve grown and matured I can look back and say that I wish I had been a lot more mindful and present. I have no regrets, because I think that I’ve had an amazing life and I’m continuing to live the journey that I want to live for myself.

Nirvana: What do you think makes a successful woman leader?
Kerry: Success is a journey and I think you’re successful when you’re truly happy with the life that you’re leading.

Nirvana: What are you most proud of in your life?
Kerry: I typically set high standards for myself along with a five-year vision and goal and I am proud of the fact that I have achieved the goals that I set out for myself. I think I am also proud that every day for me is a constant growing and re-imagining of goals as well as just simply reaching towards them.

Nirvana: Women are often regarded as superheroes. What is your superpower?
Kerry: I think my superpower is my ability to see the good in any situation and I believe my love for conceptualizing and problem solving stems from that.

Nirvana: The best advice you’ve ever gotten?
Kerry: Follow your dreams in life. Following your passion and doing what you’re truly passionate about, will allow everything else to fall into place. Speaking from personal experience, I believe that “you reap what you sow”.

Nirvana: Name one book that you believe has inspired you?
Kerry: Memoirs of a Geisha inspired me because it is about a Geishan highlighting the power of being a woman. It spoke to the powers that we have just by simply being women and that we can utilize them to achieve whatever we want in life.

Nirvana: Describe your sense of style in two words?
Kerry: Bohemian Chic

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