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Kim Nain LIVE at GEEJAM’s Bush Bar

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Live Stream

Young Kim Nain is taking strides in the music business as a Jamaican singer/songwriter. Having accomplished much in the academic aspect of her life, Kim Nain has vocals only be described as a ‘powerhouse’.

Ever since her first musical note, Kim Nain has become the center of attention on any stage she steps on since her high school years at St. Jago High that was her training ground for both music and drama. She is free-spirited, spontaneous, well informed and down to earth which explains her liberty girl description.

“To me, music is my way out for almost every situation. When I’m up, when I’m down, I find myself just wanting to write a new song or just sing myself to wonderland. I’m not sure what my sanity would have been like without it. I find absolute joy in entertaining people through this art…It’s how I communicate with the world and myself. I want to bring to the world a piece of me to keep, to have and to hold even when I’m gone and I see no other way to do this but through my music. I write from the heart and I want the world to feel me too.”

The young singer, songwriter, is well poised to explode locally and overseas as she continues to impress audiences, label representatives & concert promoters from the United States & Europe.

She has since worked in collaboration with DizTroy (Dale Virgo and Troy Baker) alongside Plum Music and the Geejam family; as well as Dutch producers Team Rush Hour hailing from Holland and Los Angeles based EDM group Bad Royale.

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Twitter – @KimNainOfficial

Instagram – @KimNainOfficial

Facebook – KimNainOfficial


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