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A little over a year ago, Jamaican singer and songwriter Mario Evon released his debut album titled, Reggae-Soul Vol. 1: M.E. on Love. The album, which has helped differentiate him as an artiste, was well received and showcased not only his evolution as a solo artist, but also his dedication to making a mark in the world of Reggae music. With his soothing voice and melodic beats, there is no denying the Reggae-Soul crooner’s unique sound and promising presence in today’s music scene.


Citing his family and upbringing as contributing factors to his love for music and desire to pursue it professionally, the singer, whose original artist name was M.G. (the initials for his first and last names Mario Guthrie), was involved in the Mona Prep choir at the tender age of seven. He continued this music participation well into his time as a university student at both UWI and the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he studied Music Business and Songwriting. During these early years, he began to venture out on his own and sang at weddings: an experience that soon encouraged him to launch his solo career. From there, “Mario Evon” was created.




With his still fairly recent debut album, it can be said that the project was very much a fulfilling one for Mario, especially considering it was achieved within the Jamaican music industry; a realm he describes as a “multi-headed monster with many issues that need to be fixed.” Demonstrating his versatility as a singer, songwriter and producer through the execution of Reggae-Soul Vol. 1: M.E. on Love, he notes the process was a difficult one as well. “While creating the album,” he says, “I learned how to be patient, as many things didn’t happen in the desired time frames but they still happened nonetheless,” as well as the importance of “trusting my judgment and instincts creatively.”


Mario states that his hope is for people to seek refuge in his music from their “current existence and into a new space, whether it is temporary or semi-permanent.” He also says he hopes for his fans to take away a message of passion for what you love, the emotion and message each particular song conveys, and finally the importance of living in and enjoying moments as best as you possibly can. “I want to be known for my persistence,” he says, “[…] for the pursuit of passion and excellence, while maintaining humility, gratitude and a gracious spirit.  I want people to know that I live by purpose and want them to as best as possible achieve the same for themselves, if it is lacking in their lives.”




So what’s next for the rising star? The singer/songwriter hopes to continue working to make “Mario Evon” a household name in Jamaica and beyond. Ventures such as another Mario–produced live show, a Mario Evon 2017 calendar photo-shoot, collaborations with new producers and artistes on singles, a documentary, and the release of a free mixtape or EP are just glimpses of what he has planned for his propitious career. Outside of music, he hopes to establish a non-profit project or organization, designed to teach performance and music business skills to teens and young adults who are underprivileged.


Mario professes working out, dancing and spending time with friends and family as other passions and interests. He goes on to say that, if he wasn’t pursuing music and didn’t have a medical background, he would be involved in something creative and cites photography, stage-coaching, graphic designing or even a professional dancing as possible career paths. When asked what advice he would give to both his sixteen year old self and aspiring artistes pursuing a music career, he says: “I would just tell my 16 year old self to believe in yourself, plan and execute fearlessly. To aspiring artistes, I would tell them the same thing, but to also practice your craft, be humble, be patient, learn about the business, work hard, never give up and choose what you do wisely.”


You can find his album Reggae-Soul Vol. 1: M.E. on Love on iTunes and other major online streaming devices and distributors. Also visit his website www.marioevon.com to stay updated with all things Mario Evon.




Photography: Randy Richards

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