Morgan’s Creek: Jamaican Handmade Luxury Products

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Morgan’s Creek: Jamaican Handmade Luxury Products

Morgan’s Creek is a Jamaican-owned luxury cosmetics brand. Their line of handmade products include soaps, shower gels, wax melts and foot soaks. Creator of Morgan’s Creek, Joni-Dale Morgan, sat down with Nirvana and gave us the rundown of her business and its products; starting from the creation of the brand, her favourite products and future plans for Morgan’s Creek.

How did Morgan’s Creek begin?

It started out as a therapy because I suffer from lupus. So with that form of illness, you kind of need something to relieve your stress. So, I started off learning how to make soaps and then it eventually just evolved into wider products.

What were you doing before Morgan’s Creek?

Well, I’m still a part of my family business. We’re into wholesale, so even though I’m doing Morgan’s Creek, I’m still a part of the family business.

When did the journey of Morgan’s Creek start?

It started in 2014.

Did you expect the amount of growth that your business has achieved?

No. Everything kind of came quickly. The store was my five-year plan but it came way before that. So, the growth process has been overwhelming but very joyful in the process.

What difficulties have you experienced? 

The difficulty that I probably have is more on the availability of a lot of the ingredients locally. Even though you’re trying to do all brand Jamaica, it’s a bit of a challenge, but as entrepreneurs, you try to kind of find a way to work around it, but that’s really the only difficulty that I’ve faced with at this stage.

Tell us about your favourite oil.

I love to use olive oil. Olive oil is called the intelligent oil because it absorbs into the body only as much as the body needs. So, you won’t have the problem of your pores being clogged because it knows when to stop. So, I think that’s my favourite oil.


Do you cater to different skin types with your products?

I have a range of products for persons that have acne problems, but overall it’s for all skin types and it’s just for persons to be able to relax. You know, just to enjoy, to soak away the stress, to create your own home spa, so you’re able to relax at home in your own space instead of having to go to a spa.

Apart from speedy growth, what have been some of the highs of Morgan’s Creek?

I have had a very good support team. Support from family, support from friends and support from strangers. You know, we tend to have this idea that once you’re an entrepreneur, there’s a lot of badmind, and a lot of persons are going to come and try to tear you down. But surprisingly, for me, 90% of the persons are persons that are willing to help me in any way, shape or form, and that has also been eye-opening because we have a society where we assume that everybody is selfish and everybody is all for themselves but for me, I can’t say that because of the support that I get. As I said, sometimes persons just walk in and they give you advice and they give you their contact and they give you a friend who can help in a particular area. So, I think that is what has helped me to have this advanced growth in such a short time because are really good underneath it all.

What are your favourite Morgan’s Creek products?

I love the charcoal. I love turmeric. Those are my ultimate favourites because I think they give the best results. A lot of persons will come and I’ll be saying to them, “How your face look so nice?” and they’re like, “Oh, it’s the charcoal soap” or, “It’s the turmeric”, and I’m like, “Okay, good good good”. Yeah, so I guess those are the ones that bring me the most joy because I see the results.

And what’s next for Morgan’s Creek?

By the end of August, I really want to have our online platform back on track. I kind of put it on hold when the store came about because that was a huge step and to work out the logistics kind of took me a while. It’s kind of hard for such a small company with such a small team – that was really me alone, initially. Now, I’ve gotten some help. I’ve gotten one person to help me. I feel a little bit more comfortable where I’m at able to at least make more products for an online platform and to have the availability to provide for both walk-in and online customers.

What’s next in terms of products?

Everybody has been asking me for masks *laughs*, so I’m still working on it. I don’t think I’m ready for the peel-off one yet because I’m not ready for anybody to peel off dem skin. We’re working on that. A lot of persons have also asked for hair products, so I’m not sure we’ll go into the full range, but we will at least have shampoo and conditioner. And travel-sized packages – we also get a lot of requests for that as well. So, I think those are the first three that we probably will have in the timeline.

How does it feel for you? Is it stressful? Is it still like therapy?

Everyday it’s like wow. I try to keep it that way [like therapy]. You kind of reach a point where it’s now a business and it’s not a hobby. You try to grow but at a steady pace. Sometimes, persons really do mean the best for you when they come and give you some great ideas, but for me, I have to be like, “Okay, I’ll consider that next year”. You try not to lose focus of what’s in front of you, and just creep before you walk, so you just have to take baby steps. Some persons want you to do everything at once, and I understand and appreciate the positive energy and the fact that they believe that I can do it. Sometimes, that’s what you need as an entrepreneur. Sometimes you doubt yourself because we tend to be hardest on ourselves. There are some things that I’ll take forever to make because I’m like, “I don’t know if I like it”, but then the reviews are different. You tend to be hard on yourself and think that it needs a little something else but you don’t know what it needs, but persons are saying, “No, it’s so great”, and you’re like, “But I just feel like it needs something. I just don’t know what it is”. It’s a good road. I say I’m going Forbes *laughs*. I keep putting that into the universe.

One more thing, I plan on doing loyalty cards. Hopefully, within the next two weeks, I’ll have that out. Also, little pamphlets to kind of explain what the products are about and how to use them. I’m always about giving back. I was always a part of charities. I was a part of the Rotary Club – Past president, actually – so, it’s still in my nature to give back, how ever I can, no matter how minimal it is.

And how are you now, in terms of your health?

It’s manageable. With Lupus, it never goes away, it’s always there. It’s a bit of a challenge, but I’m heavily medicated… I’ve been able to have a staff that understands my situation.. and I’ve been blessed to find the perfect persons to help bring Morgan’s Creek into the future.

Morgan’s Creek is located at Shop 37A at Sovereign Centre in Kingston. Click here to visit their Instagram page.

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