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Easter in Jamaica is significant not just because we are famous for eating copious amounts of bun and cheese. Easter has now become famous in Jamaica for one major event, that event is Marbana! Marbana is Jamaica’s annual Easter Holiday event at the world famous Frenchman’s Cove Beach in Port Antonio, Portland. This year’s event will take place on Easter Sunday, April 16.


When researching the history of Portland and it’s capital Port Antonio, four words commonly appear as to what shaped the history of this place and what it is most widely known for. The words are Maroons, Bananas, Sugar and Jerk. The organizers of Marbana made many attempts to create one word from these four words but it resulted in more challenges than success. However, the four words were reduced to two – Maroons and Bananas – resulting in MARBANA.



Marbana is the ultimate beach club experience with ample rows of luxuriously cushioned day beds, beach umbrellas and stylishly dressed butlers serving cocktails throughout the day. Marbana is compared to the likes of the ultra-exclusive beach clubs found around the globe and frequented by the world’s tastemakers.


“As Marbana gears up for the staging of its 4th edition, ‘raising the bar’ continues to be our mantra. Each year provides an opportunity to reach closer to the overall goal of becoming the Caribbean’s leading lifestyle brand.” Says Harvey Lynn of M7 Events, organizers of Marbana.



Marbana has placed great emphasis on consumer interaction and feedback and as a result, this year they will be taking the necessary steps to improve all areas with special attention to the entertainment and cuisine offerings.


In the past, Marbana has had several great DJs such as Nuphoric out of Trinidad, Jamaica’s own Richie D and the talented DJ Jazzy T from the US. This year, the Marbana team has dramatically expanded their sunset production and adding a killer combination of DJs to heighten the beach club experience.


Marbana is completely focused on giving their patrons the Ultimate Beach Club Experience ( as their tagline states). It will be the perfect synergy between the simple tropical experience and the high energy soca/carnival season. Pre-sold tickets are currently on sale. Get your tickets online at www.marbana.caribtix.com to be a part of the Marbana experience.



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