Meet Skip Marley: This Generation’s Chosen Marley Musician

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He has, probably one of the most famous last names in the world. But who is Skip Marley?

Apart from being the grandson of Bob and Rita Marley and son of Cedella Marley, of Melody Makers renown and David Minto; Skip is also an incredibly talented and handsome young man. At 20 years old, he is the leader of this current generation of musicians in the Marley Fam.



When people hear the words “Marley” and “music”, they think reggae music and even though, Skip’s sound is largely influenced by reggae (of course), he doesn’t describe his music as such. “It’s not genre specific. It’s all about the message, no matter what style it’s formed in”, he says. His favourite reggae artist besides Bob Marley? Burning Spear. He cites other greats like Jimi Hendrix, B.B. King, and John Mayer as his musical influences.

“Music has always been a part of me, even from when I was born, from my mother, Cedella, to my uncles, all the way back to my grandfather,” says Marley.


Skip’s music career took a turn upwards when he signed to Island Records at the very beginning of 2017. His first single, Lions, dropped on February 3rd. The lyrics powerful, uplifting and meant to spark change in this generation (the same thought process given to his #WeAreTheMovement).

9 days later, he performed Chained To The Rhythm alongside Katy Perry, at the 2017 Grammys; what he calls “a wonderful experience” and later again at this month’s iHeartRadio Music AwardsThis immense success has ushered in a slew of new fans and has geared him to up to released his first album, which he is currently working on.

With a striking resemblance to his grandfather, his own personal sound and a collab with Katy Perry at the beginning of his career, Skip Marley is on track to becoming as iconic as his relatives. He admits that he feels absolutely no pressure to live up to the Marley name as his family is always in his corner. “My Uncles are always there to give me advice and of course, I have my mom”, (who are all Grammy award winners)

As much as Skip is on pace to becoming a superstar, he still keeps track of the new wave of reggae artistes in Jamaica. “I love the movement of our new generation; all of them. Each one, teach one.” He hasn’t given any hints about any collabs with anyone in the future but the way his friendships are set up, we’re sure it will happen. “Me and Jesse Royal are really good friends from six or seven years ago. We haven’t talked about recording a track together yet, but that would be easy. Just like, ‘You want to drop a song? Boom.’

Marley maintains a close connection to his birthplace even though he was raised in Miami. In love with Jamaica’s people, food and landscape, he travels regularly to the island and maintains his island roots. “I love Jamaica,” he says. “It’s where I was born and it’s my home. So the energy and the good vibes are a natural extension of who I am.

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  1. Bob says:

    Seriously?? Who chose him? Cedella??? The movement pushes disease causing products with thier music??? Excuse my what about steve’s boys??? They are leading the way as well as Daniel..and I’d say even Kymanis boys have been in the game.. doing a fine job before he came on the scene.. total fuckery marley family politics as usual. Who tf advised him to sell out to pepsi??? The deforesting, corporate greedy fu&ks who take all the water then sell it back to us.. then pretend to be gracious by giving some if said taken/ stolen water back to some??? Pepsi products are addicting, cancer causing hortific for children. JUST WHAT THE HOLY FU@K???

  2. daniel says:

    his granddad would turn in the grave after this pepsi commercial

    • A.Dad says:

      Agreed… very disturbing. I mean can you image a bob Marley song for a Pepsi commercial?? craziness…blatant greed on he part of this man’s management as he himself is obviously blind to ( or ignoring ) that Pepsi products cause life ending diseases…like diabetes and CANCER.. you know cancer ..what Bob died from? was he ‘chosen’.. just to be put into the corporate machine??? For profit. What kind of movement is that? Were they going for cognitive dissonance? I think it worked for many .. .. he sold his song to Pepsi for profit. Really let that sink in. Pepsi. “Each one teach one’.. to drink Pepsi? For those of us old enough to understand what Bob’s message was really about.. Pulled or not the ad is a slap in the face.. for those of us who have seen loved ones ill / lives shortened from sugar addictions, obesity, diabetes …his Pepsi endorsement is a slap in the face.. for those of us with kids who look up to this young man and the Marley’s in general..his Pepsi endorsement was a slap in the face… but hey money was made and now people know who he is.. I’m sure fame will be his.. no matter what lies in the wake.

    • Dan says:

      Spot on. I dont know where to find a bigger example of sellout than this. And the way this young manis groomed to be his grandfathers «lookalike» is kinda wwird.

  3. Bablofil says:

    Thanks, great article.

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