THE Jamaica Reggae Band: The Uprising Roots

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THE Jamaica Reggae Band: The Uprising Roots

Reggae bands in Jamaica are almost unheard of, but The Uprising Roots band are leading the way and revolutionizing Roots Reggae on the international scene.

Started in 2004, under the name “Rasta Uprising”(changed to “The Uprising Roots” in 2006), the band, consisting of Rashaun McAnuff, Ruel Ashburn, Winston Bowen, Joseph Sutherland, Kimberlyn Goldson, Patrice Pinkney and Odane Stephens, started out on a mission to change the way reggae music sounds and is perceived internationally. Under the influence from greats like Bob Marley, Winston McAnuff, Peter Tosh, Sugar Minott and many others, the band has done just that.

Being a Reggae band in Jamaica, is ironically one of the most challenging things that the band faces.

“After Bob Marley died the ‘system’ tried to suppress and cut off the deep roots of our culture. But give thanks for the light and tranquility that sustain the root, and keep our culture and reggae music firm.” 

Despite their challenges, the togetherness of the group keeps their music going. After struggling through hard times together, being a band of 7 people is quite easy for them; which not many other musical groups can say for themselves.

“We have been living together for a long time. In 2011, we lost our studio in a fire. For almost three years, we had to live together without nothing. We pass the test of time and we are more than a band, we are a family.” 

This family doesn’t seem worried about reggae music on the local scene. They have commended the new generation of reggae artistes for “pushing  forward the root of reggae music” and says “it will help the coming generation to see the light more clear in our culture and music.”

The Uprising Roots band has dominated the Reggae markets in Europe, with their largest audiences being in France, Spain, Belgium, and Germany. They have even been credited to “adding another 35 years to Roots music” by the Festival Writer of the Reggae Sun Ska Festival held annually in France.

The band is now hard at work on our sophomore album, Black To I Roots (release date to be advised), rebuilding their studio and the release of the video for their single – ‘TIME’.

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