Xodus Carnival Jamaica 2017

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Undoubtedly, Xodus Carnival is the new big thing on the Carnival in Jamaica scene and if you jumped with them on Sunday you would not have any doubts about this! 

Xodus Carnival is a new premium carnival band in Jamaica. It is a merger between Jamaica’s leading entertainment tourism company Dream Entertainment Ltd. and one of Trinidad’s premier carnival Bands “Y.U.M.A” (Young Upwardly Moving Adults). They came with a plan to expand and redefine carnival in Jamaica through excellent service and a premium experience from our fetes to on the road. After seven years of planning, THEY DID THIS!



In December 2016 when they officially had their launch, PR Director for Dream Entertainment Kamal Bankay, made it explicitly clear that they weren’t trying to take over the Jamaica Carnival scene but to simply snatch their piece of a very large pie. While many thought that they were competing with Bacchanal veterans, they were simply creating a different experience for people to enjoy.

The longstanding debate about carnival costumes and their prices will never go away but we can safely say that Xodus costumes were priced in a way that worked with people with various income levels. The costumes also catered to all shapes and sizes and Xodus even provided seamstresses in case alterations needed to be made upon collecting the costumes. Notably, the costumes were designed by both Jamaican and Trinidadian designers. The Xodus Team made sure they flawlessly executed this niche operation and this was clearly evident throughout all the stages. Costume redemption was a breeze and they even had a full bar while waited in line (the had seats) to pick up your costume at The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.



Carnival Sunday

Xodus Carnival route started at Losushan Shopping Centre and ended at Heineken Rio on Waterloo Road. As long as the route was, the experience was worth every single step! Masqueraders parading down the streets of Kingston with a wide variety of costumes and colors was truly a spectacle. DJs kept you highly entertained every step of the way. The bar trucks along with servers were also on point and made it their point of duty to ensure that every single patron got their drink of choice as soon as they ran out.

The Xodus Team also made sure that you know who the officials were in case you needed any assistance on the road. You could spot them in their green shirts marked “Technically…I Can Help”. The Jamaica Constabulary Force (Police) as well as the private security companies that worked to ensure the safety of everyone on the road should be commended for a job well done! You didn’t have to ask if safety was a number one priority for Xodus Carnival.


Then came lunch at the ATL complex on Oxford Road and while the team did a great job with the organization, a bigger space was needed. However, patrons were able to get their food, enjoy the porta-coolers all over the lunch spot (it was really hot), get make-up touch ups and prepare for the last half of the road march.

At 3pm, they were back on the road and it only got better! Live performances from the Viking Bunji Garlin and 2016 Trinidad Soca Monarch winner Voice (Aaron St. Louis) began and the crowd absolutely loved every minute of it! The parade continued after the performances and ended at Heineken Rio just about 7pm. The rest, as they say, is history!


Our Xodus Carnival experience was truly a memorable one and definitely one for the books and if you were there, you would say the same! So kudos to the Xodus/Dream Entertainment team for a well-executed event and we look forward to Xodus Carnival 2018!

Click here to see our full album from Xodus Carnival! 


Xodus Recap Video by NiteLifeBuzz.com


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